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SHOEI Folding Machine from Japan

SHOEI Folding Machine
Folding is an art with SHOEI
Combination of innovation technology and art which make business for everybody

Features of SHOEI Folding Machine

• Ceramic / combination roller has answer for all typical folding.
• Supersonic wave sensor for double sheet detection
• New paper back stoppers to avoid paper damage at rollers.
• Computer controlled sheet checking and controls.
• Helical gear-driven knife rolls.
• Various models with sizes starting from A1 to B4 available.

Applications of SHOEI Machine

All buckle, multi fold, signature fold, miniature fold for pharmaceutical booklets, direct
mailers, perforated envelopes, stitch gluing, 16 page glue book binding, with online bundling,
stacking and pressing.
It takes the place of wire stitching method and contributes greatly to Cut down of “time”
and “money” in the Binding process.
Shoei has centre glue and both side glue application systems suitable for 8 to 32 pages.


Double Parallel Shoei Machine

Two opposing side pockets under the knife for cross parallel fold.
6 or 8 pockets available as optional extra.

Gate fold plate, pre-slitter shaft as option.
Optional gluer and right angle edge trimmer are available for simultaneous finish of glue binding.
Sturdy cast iron side frame.
Pre-loading dual feed board.

Double Parallel SHOEI Folding Machine
All Buckle SHOEI

Parallel unit
Basic folders are available with 4 buckles as standard type, and with 6 or 8 buckles as optional. They are used for parallel catalogue folds and multi-up folds with slitting. They can be converted to a cross folding machine when combined with additional cross fold units.
All Buckle SHOEI Folding Machine
Multi Function SHOEI

Right angle parallel fold by side pocket & 16 page folding
High power feeder for positive sheet separation.
Polyurethane coated vacuum rotary drum for smooth infeed.
Batch/counter/tachometer/jam detector and double sheet detector are all standard.
Fold roll with hardened steel & ceramic segments for both long durability & best grip.
Hinged deflector for quick change over.
Detachable slitter shaft for easy access.
Full width motorized delivery table.
Multi Function SHOEI Folding Machine
Signature Folder SHOEI

Ultra high speed 16 page folder A2-A0
B6 finished 16 page 15,000 sph
Labor saving optional extras
Semi auto strapper (PP band)
Heat seal tape tightens the log securely after the compression.
Well-pressed signatures never cause any jam in the following process like collating.
Shoei delivery systems for even unexperienced operators to raise the folding productirity.
Combi range comes with labor saving stacker/highly valued for its space saving & machine cost saving concepts.
Signature SHOEI Folding Machine
Minitur SHOEI


44KTT(A2)/40KTT(B3)5pocket on 7pocket with 30mm fold roll.
36KTT(B3)/26KTT(B4) 7pocket with 25mm fold roll.

B3 Size2 directional fold
Multi-functional folder for medium to mini format
Min. fold size down to 20mm.
Parallel 7 pocket machine (7KTT) also available.
Closed gate fold (20mm to 100mm) by optional fold plate.
Two pockets by the knife for right angle parallel fold.
Vertical stacking for each delivery position and kicker is standard for batch counting, causing no interruption to continuous infeed.
6 panel zigzag folding is possible and is followed by standard slitting device.
Optional 15 pocket zigzag folder is available.

Miniture SHOEI Folding Machine
Mailer System


Glued and roll folded on the main unit, the flap glued and folded on the cross carrier unit.

Normal mailer producer but with no "return" card Used as a zigzag folder or an ordinary right angle folder

Mailer System Shoei Folding Machine
Vertical Press Stacker


During the operation of the Vertical Press Stacker, you don't have to suspend operation even when you have something else to do. When the support plate reaches the terminal, the infeed stops automatically and starts again when the stack is removed.
A kicker is mounted as a standard component, so the batch counting is available without interrupting the infeed.
Max. stack height : 240mm
Suitable to relatively well-bodied signatures and rather thick folds. Unit size(Lmm x Wmm) 1,630 x 800(A4)
Power(200V/3ph) 0.4Kw
Weight(Approx.Kg) 300Kg

Vertical Press Stacker Shoei Folding Machine
Flat Press Delivery


Batch counting is possible by kicker without any interruption of infeed.
With clearly readable digital counter.
2 up version with dual kicker is available as optional extra.

Unit size(Lmm x Wmm) 1,250 x 850(A4)

Flat Press Delivery Shoei Machine
Shoei Technology
Ceramic Fold Roll

Durability 6 grip,those two opposing characteristics are finally combined together by SHOEI ceramic rolls which solve any kind of folding problem.
Ceramic Fold Roll in Shoei Folding Machine
Buy Shoei Folding Machine at Low Cost in India