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China Window

China Window

Auto Die Cutting
For middle & small scale use.

Max. sheet size : 780 x 560 mm
Man. sheet size : 280 x 220 mm
Max. working pressure : 1100 KN
Paper thickness (g/m2) : 100-2000
Max. mechanical speed :
1550 s/h for paper < 150 g/m2
2500 s/h for paper >150 g/m2
Tipping and Gathering Machines
Automatic Transparent Box Folder Gluer (CM-P)
Suitable for gluing PVC, PET and PP plastic boxes automatically.
Type of glue: Hot melt adhesive PUR adhesive PP microscopic heating system.
Gathering Machine
High Ability Fully Automatic Die-cutting machine (SH)
Equipped with paper feeder, die-cutting unit, waste removal unit, delivery station and electrical section.

Max. Paper size: 1050 x 740 mm, Min. paper size: 400 x 360 mm Paper thickness: 80-200g
Adhesive Binding Machine
CM-TM-650A Window Patching Machine
Suitable for Pasting Films of the time box, medicine box, shirt box, etc.

Thickness of film : 0.03-0.2 mm
Thickness of paper: 250-100gsm
Speed : 3000-5000pcs/h
Three Knife Trimmer
RB6040 Automatic Rigid Box Maker
Equipment for making high grade covered boxes for shoes, shirts, jewellery and gifts.

Employed PLC, photoelectric detector system, hydraulic pneumatic system, touch screen man-machine interface to automatically finish feeding and gluing paper, conveying cardboard, forming & gluing 4 angles of cardboard, positioning, gluing & forming box in one time.
Three Knife Trimmer
High Quality Packaging Equipment
Automatic Die Cutter & Foil
Stamping / Embossing Machine
Automatic Transparent Box Folder-Gluer
Window Patching Machine
Automatic Paper Board Folder-Gluer
For all Types of Cartons
Automatic Rigid Box Maker
Envelope Making Machines
Book Edge Gilding Machine
High Speed Roll to Sheet Cutter
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