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IGSOL’s philosophy is the dedication to the total value for our customers. Based on this, we constantly strive to improve customer service. IGS emphasizes for outstanding customer service, for value added consumables and reliable equipments, We use this expertise to our customer’s advantage and provide them from our world renowned manufacturers.

Following various high quality consumable items are in our scope of supply from actual manufacturers :

  • High quality Animal Glue for Hard Case making / Box making, from Italy. The product gives a clean, smooth performance on the automated machines.
  • OEM approved Book Sewing Thread from Spain.
  • FOGRA approved Auto Blanket Wash cloth.
  • High quality Grey Board, Duplex coated grey board from reputed and reliable manufacturer in China.
  • Special quality self adhesives Paper Tapes for Automatic Box making machines.
  • Printing Blankets of superior quality from reputed manufacturers in Japan.
  • Case covering materials.
  • Bonded Leather & PU from the best in Europe.
  • Metal accessories and Book corners, from Europe.
  • Special Stamping / Embossing Dies from U.K
  • Special Stamping Foil from UK.
All at low cost but high in performances. Right on time 24/7 support.


Animal Glues

Animal Glues Consistent Quality for automatic/semi-automatic machines for Hard case making / Rigid Box Making, from Italy. Gives a clean smooth performance for coated/varnished and uncoated papers.
Animal Glues

FOGRA approved Blanket Wash Cloth.

  FOGRA approved Blanket wash cloth for different machines like Mitsubishi / Akiyama / Heidelberg / KBA / Ryobi etc.
Printing Inks, Special UV Inks, Hot Melt Adhesives

OEM approved Book Sewing Thread from Europe.

  OEM approved Book sewing Thread for Automatic high speed machines. It will give you smooth running with out any breakage.
Printing Inks, Special UV Inks, Hot Melt Adhesives

Imported Grey Board from China

  High quality Grey Board, Duplex coated grey board from reputed & reliable manufacturer in China.
Printing Inks, Special UV Inks, Hot Melt Adhesives

Printing Blankets

Kinyo blankets Kinyo blankets are high quality blankets from japan. There blankets are used in heatset / coldset printing machineries in commercial & news printing industry.
Printing Blankets

Bonded Leather

Bonded Leather Prodotti Alfa Spa
Bonded Leather from the best in Europe for Coffee Table Books / Bible Case making.
Bonded Leather

Self adhesive Paper Tapes from Italy.

  Special quality self adhesives Paper tape for Automatic & Semi automatic Rigid Box making machines.
Printing Inks, Special UV Inks, Hot Melt Adhesives

Stamping foil

Stamping foil Foilco - Solving your foil stamping problems with quality stamping foils, glitter, specialty decorative products and film laminates.

Stamping foil

Foil Stamping Dies

High quality of Textured/Fluted/Sculptured – 3D/Security, stamping and embossing Dies made on CNC machines, directly from UK.
Foil Stamping Dies


  Imported Coated Paper & LWC Paper from Japan / Korea / China / Indonesia. Please give us a call for details.